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Solemates Rope Ladies Slipper Boots - Durable Rubber Sole

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  • WARM WOMEN’S BOOTIES – Premium-quality bootie slippers that you’ll never want to take off! These slipper boots for women come with a super-soft 100% synthetic wool inner lining and durable rubber sole that will keep your feet snugly warm during the winter months. 


  • FAUX SHEEPSKIN—Our boot slippers have a faux sheepskin trim for even more warmth and additional comfort. These beautiful-looking outdoor slippers are available in two different colors: Camel and Beige. The slippers can be worn the entire day with absolutely no discomfort.  


  • BEAUTIFUL LOOKING—These women's winter slippers are aesthetically beautiful. At the front, the women's slippers have wood-toggle buttons and elasticated catches that don’t merely add to the overall attractiveness, they provide for an even snugger fit.


  • TOP-QUALITY WINTER BOOTIES—The women's boot slippers are not only top quality, but they are extremely comfortable and durable. The memory foam insoles help to cushion your feet for day-long comfort, while the hard-wearing sole is good for inside and out.


  • MULTIPLE SIZES—The women's sheepskin slippers are available in a range of different sizes: UK 3 (EU 35.5), UK 4 (EU 37), 5 UK (EU 38), UK 6 (EU 39), UK 7 (EU 40.5), 8 UK (EU 42), 9 UK (EU 43), 10 UK (EU 44.5), 11 UK (EU 46) and 12 UK (EU 47). Order the same size of slipper you usually would: Our slippers for ladies are true to size.


Product description



With these beautiful boot slippers for women you can just relax and unwind over the cold winter months. The faux sheepskin slipper boots come with handy toggle fastening with real wood toggle buttons allowing you to adjust the fit. Plus, the toggle buttons make it that much easier to slip your feet inside.

This winter slipper is made with faux sheepskin exterior lining, 100% synthetic wool interior lining, a strong and durable rubber sole, and memory foam insoles. Everything together ensures that these slipper boots for women will keep your toes toasty warm and ultra-comfortable throughout the day and night.

Our cosy slippers for women are made to last and to provide you with an extremely comfortable experience every time you put them on. With the faux sheepskin exterior lining, 100% synthetic wool interior lining, and memory foam insoles, you’ll find these house slippers for women to be the perfect choice for day-long comfort.

Choose from a range of sizes. These warm slippers for women are available in a range of sizes from UK 3 (EU 36) right up to UK size 8 (EU 41). Simply order the size of slipper you normally would since our indoor slipper boots are true to size.

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Available sizes: UK 3 (EU 36), UK 4 (EU 37), 5 UK (EU 38), UK 6 (EU 39), UK 7 (EU 40), 8 UK (EU 41).

Exterior lining: Faux sheepskin.

Inner lining: 100% synthetic wool.

Sole: Durable rubber.



Finding the perfect slipper is hard! So many products promise to be comfortable, cozy, and durable, but very few live up to this. That’s why we’ve created our Solemates boot slippers because it provides a premium quality slipper at an affordable price.


We wanted to create a slipper that not only feels good, but also supports your feet. The extra comfortable memory foam insole provides lifelong cushioning and support for your feet. Slippers made from poor quality insoles can create poor posture, back pain, knee pain, and plantar fasciitis. Why take the risk?


Animals don’t need to be harmed to create soft and cozy slippers! That’s why we’ve used animal-friendly materials in our boots—we’ve found they don’t compromise on quality or comfort. 


Are you looking for ladies slippers, size 6? Or ladies slippers, size 5? Look no further! We offer an extensive range of unisex sizes for the whole matching family. Choose from UK 3 (EU 36), UK 4 (EU 37), 5 UK (EU 38), UK 6 (EU 39), UK 7 (EU 40), 8 UK (EU 41), 9 UK (EU 42), 10 UK (EU 43), 11 UK (EU 44) and 12 UK (EU 45). Match with the entire family!